Interval 2: Books not on the list

Wow. It’s been so long since I wrote about my reading, let alone reading any books on the list I feel really remiss.

Whilst I may have been quiet here, I have not stopped reading. In fact I feel I’ve read more and more books than ever, they’ve just not been the books I’d originally planned (to force myself) to read.

So, here are the books I’ve been reading … some work or business related, some for fun, some for personal strength. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Scott Mariani’s ‘Ben Hope’ series. Start with The Alchemist’s Secret (Book 1) and see how you get on. It’s very much in the same line as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, but equally as entertaining and well written. With the series on it’s 14th book, and a few prequel shorter stories too, and well priced as Kindle books, it’s never to late to join the growing community enjoying Mariani’s books.

Ryk Brown’s ‘Frontier’s Saga’ is a huge collection of 15 Kindle books I’ve enjoyed for a few years now. The Saga is split into five (yes, five!) parts, each has, or will have, 15 individual books continuing the story/saga of Earth’s future that has been ravaged by plague (biological and digital). Start at the beginning with Aurora CV-01 (EP. 1) (very Star Trek-esque). The 2nd episode of Part II has just been released and is waiting on my Kindle as I type.

Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc. is a fabulous journey through the history of Disney Pixar by Catmull (Pixar founder) from both a creative investigation and a business enterprise. Looking at aspects of company culture, leadership, management, creative differences, market dynamics, etc. read how your favourite films were made (or not), changed, and influenced by a creative view of running a business. This is probably the best book I’ve read in years (I reviewed it here on my eLearning blog)!

Srinivas Rao’s book on why ‘only’ is better than best – Unmistakable – is still on my nightstand. It’s not as easy to read as Catmull’s book, not quite as enjoyable, but it is certainly making me think about myself, my attitidue to work (and those I work with), as well what I want from my work, career, etc. 

Finally I’ve started re-reading J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Yes, I love the films but it was the books that I read first, waiting patiently for each one to be written and released. It’s only by re-reading the books that I can really truly connect with the characters in the films. The reason I’m re-reading them is actually because my 6 and 7 year old son’s want to know what the fuss is about. I’m reading them, aloud, to them one chapter at a time (sometimes two at the weekend) and they are lapping the magic and intrigue up, remembering the subtle storylines in the background, the different characters and where we last saw them … all in readiness to watch the films. We’re on to The Chamber of Secrets now after finishing the book and film of The Philosopher’s Stone.

So. I’ve not been idle. I realise I’ve been reading, and actively hunting for, books that are both easy to access (and cheap – the first few Ben Hope and Frontier’s Saga books were £0.99 Kindle eBooks when I started reading them) but the irony isn’t lost on me here … I wanted short, sharp easy and fairly mindless books to keep me occupied but ended up starting series and saga’s that would take years to read and finish.

It has also not gone unnoticed that it’s nearly a full year since I wrote my first ‘interval’ post. Ouch, I need to get back to reading and writing this stuff!

So far I’ve loving it!

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